Why Website Speed Matters

Why Website Speed Matters

If Content is King, then Speed is the Queen

How good is your website speed? How much does website speed matter? It matters a whole lot and if you keep reading, it will soon become clear just how important it is.

For most of my 23 years in the online marketing world, I’ve heard repeatedly that content is king.

One of my earliest Ah-Ha moments came when I heard the simple phrase, “Google rewards relevance”.

Let’s just break that down a bit…

Searching in Google

Google’s search algorithm is based around the principle of doing only one search to find what you want. When you make any search, their artificial intelligence references who you are, where you are, your age, your gender, and whatever else they have learned about you over the past few years.

They know more about you than most of your family do, and way more than the most popular social media platform does.

They know if you’re just sniffing around for something or if you have your credit card out and are ready to buy. How do they know? 

Unless you’re looking for something immediate like a locksmith or an emergency plumber, the chances are you started your search with vague terms such as “Australian holiday ideas”. Then, as you progress and decide you want to look at making bookings for say, a week in the Whitsundays, they show you sites where you can do that.

They show you paid adverts as well as organic listings, all of which will be relevant to your needs.

However, while your website may be highly relevant to this search if it isn’t mobile-friendly and if it’s slow to load, you’re going to miss out as they won’t see you as a serious player.

It’s like an Olympic track or swimming event; 30 people qualify and go to the Games. The slowest are eliminated in early rounds and only the fastest go through to the finals. So, if your website isn’t a finalist, you’ll never be in the race.

So, while content will get you into contention; just like the King in Chess, your ability to compete is limited. It’s the Queen who has all the flexibility and who can maneuver herself into finals contention. 

It’s a big mistake when the King doesn’t pay attention to his Queen!

How can you check your website speed?

You can check the load speed of your website at gtmetrix.com, it’s free to log in and make sure you select an Australian server when you do your speed test.

Long live the Queen!

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