Marketing vs Advertising

Marketing vs Advertising

Want to reach your target audience in the fastest and most effective way possible? Want to know more about marketing vs advertising?

Let’s explore Marketing vs Advertising and get the answers you need to grow your business.

You have a product or service you wish to reach potential clients who just don’t know about you – yet.  

What would happen if they didn’t buy your product?  Would their life be lacking in some way?  Would they possibly purchase another product with less features and lower quality?  Why should they choose your product over someone else’s?  


Your product or service is great and now you need everyone to know about it.  The next step is to have a good marketing plan which involves:

a) research on the buying behaviour of humans and

b) narrowing down to specific clientele who are likely to be interested in your product or service

Optimal marketing will deliver a message to your audience that directly meets their wants and needs. This will generate leads and increase your revenue using these strategies.


From the information gathered from your data, it’s determined how and where your product/service will be presented.  This part of the marketing process is the advertising. It’s important that you determine correctly the medium used for increased sales performance.

Think of it like music!  The marketing involves knowing all the intricacies of the band ie the sound, the look, the environment, and the relationships between the members and management. The way you initially find out about the music ie, on TV, Newspaper, Magazine, through a friend (word of mouth) or on a billboard is the advertising medium and the idea is that your target audience will grow organically through this insight.

Word of mouth advertising is interesting. Just telling someone about a product or service may be enough to entice that person to look for themselves and buy, but in the new age of smart phones and desktops, we have the ability to “show” the product we are talking about in a matter of seconds. This is a powerful marketing tool.  

For this reason, your business’s website appearance is important. It must showcase your products/service well. It must also make it easy for the customer to move around the site and go quickly to what they need.  The use of responsive design is strongly advised ie, designing the website so that it adapts to smartphone browsing as well as desktop.  

Getting your customer

Advertising your product or service is about educating your audience of the features and how these will benefit them.   For example, a skin product contains collagen and vitamin C as two of it’s main ingredients. These combined helps to improve elasticity and collagen growth which in turn, makes you look younger. What a great benefit!  Other features might be that the product is organic and is not used on animals. So the benefit is that you can feel good about knowing no animals are harmed and that your skin will not be negatively affected by chemical toxins that come with other brands.   

Keeping your customer

By explaining the benefits and features, this will improve the customer’s perception of the product and increase their desire and need to have this in their life which is when they make the purchase.  Keeping in touch with your “new customer” is important in maintaining a healthy relationship. You can achieve this through memberships, mailing lists and promotions.  If the customer really sees value in your product they will gladly disclose their email and phone number and this will be your future advertising medium to keep a loyal customer.  


Providing an option for the customer to give feedback empowers them to have a say, whether negative or positive.  Acknowledging their comments makes them feel valued and heard and it can be a win-win if some constructive criticism can create an avenue for product improvement and then you can advise all your members that you have “listened” to their needs and empower them even more!  

The latest and most affective audience reach

Right now with access to shopping and information being only a click away anytime anywhere, online advertising platforms are the most effective, cost efficient and accessible compared with other mediums.  

Getting Started

Now that you know all about marketing vs advertising, if you would like to find out more about how to grow your success through online advertising then reach out to us here at Mediaglue. Since 2002 Mediaglue has been using a highly effective campaign process. Their process helps businesses increase their website visits with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through Google Ads and Google Display Network. This leads to the desired result of increased sales and revenue through consistent algorithm rankings.  With a very personalized approach, they will conduct research using your data to make the right marketing decisions when it comes to your target audience, as well as assisting with website design and technical requirements.  Together they will consult with you about choosing your budget, your audience, your message, timing and your reach.  

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