Insights for You to Consider in the Aftermath of the Google advertising COVID shakedown of 2020 to 2022 – who were the winners and losers?

Insights for You to Consider in the Aftermath of the Google advertising COVID shakedown of 2020 to 2022 – who were the winners and losers?

The Google advertising COVID shakedown of 2020 to 2022; winners and losers.

In our previous article, we look at the likely causes of the drop in Alphabet’s revenue caused by changing advertising trends in the early days of COVID lockdowns.

Here we are going to look at some key industry sector data to identify the winners, the losers, and the changes in your campaign’s performance over these difficult times.

2021 saw a significant change in the digital marketing landscape with numerous industries decimated by global COVID mandates. Here we will look at how things changed between 2021 and 2022.

During this time, click-through rates improved. This was stimulated no doubt by the gradual increase in personal freedoms in most jurisdictions. 

Double-digit increases were seen in the following categories: animals and pets, business services, careers and employment, education and instruction, finance and insurance, home improvement, personal services (weddings, cleaning, etc), property, and sports and recreation.

Apparel, fashion, and jewelry barely grew with only a 1% increase. Physicians and surgeons grew by 2% and health and fitness grew by 4%.

The absolute losers in this period were shopping, collectibles, and gifts which were down by over 13%. 

Which industry sectors were the most competitive?

If we base this on cost per click and note that these are global averages, then legal services, followed by dentistry and home improvements topped the list.    

Looking at the average cost per lead, the three lowest were animals and pets, automotive service, and restaurants and food. Personal services and physicians and surgeons followed closely behind.

While these stats look encouraging, there is a downside and that is in conversion rates which, almost universally, were down.

Apparel, shopping, collectibles, fashion, apparel, and jewellery were all down by over 50%. Clearly these are markets you wouldn’t want to be playing in right now.

The only categories showing an increase in conversions were arts and entertainment at 34% and finance and insurance at 1%.

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