How much I do not know about this concept

What I mainly learnt was “How much I do not know about this concept”
It is a totally new world out there now-a-days. Advertising to us was the good Yellow Pages book and local newspapers. Obviously if we are to survive, our market strategies have to change with the times.

I was so impressed with the knowledge James has on how to effectively get your website and the tricks and the tips of the trade there is to use when using the Internet. One session was not enough for me. I have so much to learn but it sure made me sit up and think seriously about how our business needs to change their marketing ideas.

Unfortunately for us, we have already spent thousands of dollars this year on the same old way (Yellow Pages) but we will definiely be adopting a lot of what James suggests in the coming year and moving with the times.

If you are like us and need to get your business name out there, then I suggest you have a listen to what this wise man, James Yulles, has to tell you. As I said, it was a very informative night and I hope I get to sit in on another presentations, and eventually get James to help us one on one.

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