How Advertising Has Changed

How Advertising Has Changed

The Problem with Impatience

We live in an impatient world. We expect people to respond to us immediately, we can’t leave our social media alone in case we miss something.

Everybody wants it now. And for little to no cost. And for it to be “perfect” straight out of the box.

I want to take you back maybe 20 years. Back to the infancy of the Internet, back to when mobile phones were relatively scarce and only made calls, a time when everyone had landlines.

When you wanted to advertise your business, you had the choice of classified adverts in newspapers, and display adverts in both newspapers and magazines.

A full-page advert in a glossy magazine might have cost you $500 or even $1,000. The copywriting and artwork were another $300 to $500, and you had to have everything to the publication two weeks before distribution.

The edition of the publication was current for a month; however, we knew if your adverts worked or not within a few days of release. If it didn’t, it was back to the drawing board with a new advert in time for the next edition. In some cases, the lead time was so long that you had to run the same advert over two editions. 

That meant you had spent $2,500 for nothing. The publication wasn’t responsible if your advert didn’t work, all they did was sell you the space to publish it.

On many occasions, two, three, or even four adverts were created and published before any results happened. $10,000 plus in testing with little to no return for six months or more.

That $10,000 is the equivalent of close to $17,000 today.

Today we rarely use display ads in magazines. Today we have websites, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising.

People balk at spending even $3000 for a new website, let alone $5,000. They spend months agonising over it being “perfect” and then create an advertising campaign for another $2,000 and expect instant results.

When they don’t get inquiries in days they complain and expect their agency to fix it immediately. Sometimes the issue is the advert but often, the issue is with the website. It is too slow to load so people don’t wait. The copy doesn’t appeal so the visitor doesn’t call. 

20 years ago, that website was an advert. If it didn’t work, it got trashed and replaced. Why don’t we do that with websites? Why can’t people just accept that their precious new website isn’t up to it, bite the bullet and get it changed – or even rebuilt? 

If you employ a salesperson who can’t sell, you either retrain them or replace them!

Why you need to act quickly when things don’t work

Look at this another way.

You decide to open a new shop. 

In the first four weeks, 500 people come into your shop. Nobody talks with you, and nobody buys anything from you.

What do you deduce from this?

Exactly, something’s not working. It could be any one of several things; décor, lighting, stock, pricing, or even the way you greet them. The point is that you must make changes until the outcome changes, otherwise you’ll just go broke.

Be open-minded and be willing to make changes quickly. When those advising you point out what they think needs to be done, don’t let your ego interfere; act and keep on acting until you get the required results.

Bemoaning that you just spent $3,000 on a new website doesn’t cut it if the website doesn’t work. 

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