Free Marketing Tools for Your Business From Google – If Only Dad Knew Earlier!

Free Marketing Tools for Your Business From Google – If Only Dad Knew Earlier!

Marketing in this day and age

Could your business do with some free marketing tools? Keeping up with the latest information about marketing in this day and age, and knowing some of the tricks of the trade, can feel overwhelming. However, there are a few things that you can do, even if you’re not a 30 year old university grad student. If only Dad knew a few of these simple systems before he went to sell the business he may have got more. 

The business of Google

Google is a business and to be a business you need to make money. We all know that Google makes money with marketing but did you know that they can help you market your business for free?  They have a couple of nifty marketing tools that even your Dad can work through. Well, maybe with the help of a few YouTube videos. 

Google Business

The first of Google’s free marketing tools is what used to be called Google my Business. It’s now called Google Business and this is the most important free tool you can have. Getting around Google’s gobbledygook is the biggest challenge with any of their programs/software/tools but be patient and give it a go. 

Fill in all of the details with as much information as you can. Remember every word you use is what Google will zoom in on to determine if your business will be shown to the person searching. The technical term is called Keywords. The keys to unlock your business on Google.  

Once you’ve completed your Google Business they’ll send you out a postcard to prove you really are a registered business. Once you add the code in the postcard to your Google Business it can show up on Google Search and in Google Maps for free, when people use those keywords. 

Already got Google Business?

Google will show active businesses first so if you feel it isn’t doing so well there are ways around it. You need to add posts to Google Business, just like other social media platforms, on a regular basis. However, the number of posts per week are restricted to 2 but even one a week or fortnight will keep your Google Business active. A great spot for promoting your products and services while keeping your keywords active. 

The best part about Google Business is the reviews. 

If you’re not doing it already, get started today. The link for a review is in Google Business so copy it and send it to your past clients and customers. Not all of them will do it but some will, especially when they know the importance of them. Somebody, please help your Dad with this.

Google Merchant Centre

The other place you can get free marketing is through the Google Merchant Centre. Now this is a little more fiddly but well worth it, especially if you have products to sell. It shows your product image at the top of the page when someone searches. Take for example if someone was searching to purchase a whiteboard. The image, product name, cost and business name will show at the top of the page plus your Google review ranking. And we all know that images sell better than just words. If you haven’t done this before make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk through it step by step to get your free listings. 

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