Five Basic Marketing Tricks To Getting The Most Out Of Your YouTube Channel

Five Basic Marketing Tricks To Getting The Most Out Of Your YouTube Channel

Get more YouTube subscribers, they said!

It’s easy, just do Google Ads, they said!

But things never seem easy when it comes to Google Ads. We know, we do it every day and the changes keep us on our toes. 

However there are ways to get more out of your YouTube channel without paying for ads and pick up subscribers along the way. Real subscribers that are interested in what you do and how you do it. Subscribers that are more likely to purchase from you once they watch what you have to say. But there are tricks to this and we’re going to tell you how. 

Your YouTube channel is just like your website

The most important thing to remember with your YouTube channel is that it is exactly the same as your website, as far as Google is concerned, and we have seen some pretty bad websites. It’s ok if you’re unsure. Here are Five Essential Protocols every successful website follows. But how does Google know when to show your video? It’s all to do with the words you use throughout your channel. The all-important Keywords. 

  1. Your YouTube Channel

Fill in all of the details of your channel. This is equivalent to your Home and About page on your website. It needs the keywords that are relevant to your business, branding and audience. If you have only completed it half-heartedly, you can expect a similar result. Research a list of keywords that are relevant to your business or products and use them throughout the channel.

  1. Your Video Titles

The video titles are like your page titles on your website. You know the ones with the H1 tags to tell the bots they are the most important aspect of the page. They have to be relevant and reflect your branding and your audience. Google doesn’t look at your videos to get relevance, which is why the titles or words need to be on track with everything your business and audience is about. 

  1. Your Video Descriptions

Video descriptions need to expand on the title and still use the relevant keywords, but there is more to the description than meets the eye. 

  • Give your audience an idea of the results they will get after watching the video so they click on it and watch it to the end.
  • Add chapters or “jump to” to your video so your audience can move to the most relevant part. This will help immensely when it comes to relevant keywords. Always start with 00:00 and a short description. The gaps must be more than 10 seconds long and try to add them where you can add another keyword.  Here is an example. 
    • Chapters 
      • 00:00 Intro to the Voice of Intuition Show. 
      • 00:45 Susan Jane the Intuitist. 
      • 02:07 Introducing Rylee June Spiritual Activator. 
      • 10:29 What is a Spiritual Activator? 
      • 27:00 How to Activate your Spirituality. 
      • 38:16 What is a heart-centred space?
  • #Hashtags. Yes you can have too many but having none at all is crazy if you want to increase your subscriptions. They can also be set up in the customisations area so they add automatically. Do your basics here and then add extra ones that promote that particular video and remember no gaps in the hash tags for YouTube. Simple.  
  • Add your subscribe link in the description so they can link that way as well. Here’s how to create a subscription link for your channel:
    • Start with your channel’s regular URL. You can get this from the top address bar when you are on your channel’s homepage.
    • Add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of your channel’s URL.
    • Paste the entire thing into your video description box and tell them what the link is. 
    • Subscribe now so you don’t miss out on The Voice of Intuition Show
  1. Remember Your Call to Action

This sounds simple but so many of us forget the basics when it comes to getting more subscribers and that is to ask. Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel at least once during the video. This can be done verbally when you are talking or in a voice over or it can be done visually. Both is better and if you can do it at the same time you are ticking all the boxes. 

Here are two visual ways to add a Subscribe Call to Action visually on your video. There are other ways but these two are the easiest for most of us.   

  1. Here’s how to add a subscribe button on YouTube videos:
  • Head to your YouTube Studio.
  • Click the Customization button in the left navigation menu.
  • Select the Branding tab and go to your branding.
  • Scroll down to the Video Watermark section where you can upload a Subscribe now graphic.
  • If you like you can choose a display time for the graphic: at end of the video, the entire video, or a custom timespan. If you choose the end of the video you might remember to say “subscribe” as part of your farewell at the end of the video.
  • Publish to save your changes in the top right corner of the page.
  1. Another way is to add an “End Screen” to the end of your videos when you load them up as part of the uploading process. Again very simple and easy to do. 
  1. Display Your YouTube Sections

Your sections are similar to your menu on your website. Well thought out sections on your YouTube channel helps Google navigate around it to find what your audience is looking for. The best part about sections is that Google will put another one of your videos in the list if it comes from the same section. 

You might not want to invest in Google Ads for your YouTube channel but if you put all of these tricks into practice you can be sure that your organic or paid results will improve dramatically. 

Thinking of giving your channel a boost in subscribers? These are not “paid subscribers”, these are subscribers that like what they see in your adverts and want to see more. Here at Mediaglue we can help you achieve your goals with Google Ads.  

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