Converting Enquiries into Sales

Converting Enquiries into Sales

Some simple tips to increase your advertising ROI by converting enquiries into sales

It constantly surprises me that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on websites and advertising, yet they pay little to no attention to sales training to increase their advertising ROI by converting enquiries into sales.

Let’s start with the absolute basics.

How you answer the phone is important and it should always be the same. 

How NOT to answer the phone:

Way too often this is what you hear: “XYZ, this is Cathy”.

You don’t really have any idea what to say next so your response is likely to be “Hello Cathy, how are you?”, to which Cathy responds with “I’m fine, thank you”.

Now Cathy asks how she can help you, but Cathy doesn’t know your name yet, so she will have to ask that later which will disrupt the conversation flow.

Think for a moment, is Cathy’s health a concern for you, or does she care about yours? Isn’t it more important for Cathy to know who you are, and why you’re calling? 

A better way to answer the phone:

Let’s look at how Cathy can achieve this. This script is proven to work, and I’ll tell you why…

“Welcome to XYZ Plumbing, this is Cathy, tell me how I can help you?”

This script takes a couple of seconds, and it serves many purposes.

  1. It confirms to the caller that they have reached the correct business (saves them asking, “Is this XYZ Plumbing?” and the need for confirmation and any other comments)
  2. It introduces the speaker, and this tends to generate a responsive introduction.
  3. It contains an embedded command; “tell me”. This encourages the caller to get straight to the point.

Here’s the likely response from the caller:

“Hi Cathy, I’m Janine and I need help with a water leak at the front of my house.”

“Sure, Janine, just give me your last name and tell me where you live, and I’ll have a plumber there today if that works for you?”

Janine responds with her address and yes, there will be someone there today, and if not, then an alternative time is agreed to.

“And Janine, is the number you’re calling from your best contact number, and if not, what is?”

A quick confirmation follows, and Cathy concludes with, “Thanks, Janine. You can expect the plumber between 2 and 4 pm today” (or whenever).

During the conversation, Cathy got all the information needed to complete the job details into their system and is able to complete the job card.

If any other questions arise such as how much it will cost, Cathy is able to answer these from pre-written scripts. Cathy doesn’t need to think about what to say and has controlled the conversation and made the sale. 

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