Mediaglue: Leading Digital Agency, Specialists in Google Ads,
Google Premier Partners.

Leading edge strategies mean better leads and more sales.
The outcome being you Gain and Retain More Customers who want what you sell.

Director James Yuille started using the Google AdWords platform in 2002, the year it started.

He saw Google Advertising as a way to generate quality leads so cold calling became a distant memory.

Since then Mediaglue has gone from strength to strength helping grow hundreds of businesses and now specialise in campaigns for allied health and trade service industries to help them dominate their territory.

In 2008 the first client James had set up Google Ads for back in 2002, came to him and together they created Mediaglue; a 100% results driven marketing company using data to help your business grow so you can spend less time finding the business and spend more time on leadership and delivery.

Put simply, our role is focused on generating quality leads for you to sell to more people more quickly.

So if you are a business wanting to grow and expand, book a chat with us and let’s see how we can help you achieve your goals faster and with less stress.

James Yuille

Production Manager

James’ path is in sales, it’s embedded into his DNA. It’s part of who he is.

Early in his career he saw businesses needed sales and marketing systems to sell more products and services more easily.

At the ripe old age of 21 he created the TIPS system, which revolutionised the way companies sold their products.

The TIPS system helped him top the sales charts in every company he ever worked for.

For more than 20 years he has been working with business owners, helping them automate their online lead generation strategies. Clients have increased their sales by as much as 400% over 12 months, just by applying these principles.

His focus is on helping businesses with their online lead generation, sales and marketing strategies.

It’s enormously gratifying to see business owners who have been struggling to find leads, now being found on Google, getting good solid traffic, making more sales than they could ever have imagined and now making serious money.


Debra Yuille

General Manager

Debra has been consulting to business for over 30 years in a variety of capacities; face to face with many business owners across different industries and varying sizes.

One of the commonalities with each of these owners is that while busy running things day to day, they’ve often struggled to be found on the very crowded platform that is the Internet.

Their strengths and skills lie in running their operations so despite their best efforts, growing the business was a very real challenge simply because they just weren’t being seen online.

Having an intimate insight into that visibility issue led my husband James and I down the track of figuring out how we could change that situation and help clients maximise results

Our vision is to help take as many businesses as is humanly possible to the next growth phase…

…and then the next…

…and the next.

Susan Jane

Senior Client Account Manager

Through my work in public relations and the events space, I collaborate with multiple business owners who share the common thread of a lack of visibility.

I facilitated an annual expo that was based around bringing those business owners together and putting them in front of their potential audiences.

Experience has given me great insight into the kind of help that really makes a difference for entrepreneurial businesses looking to grow. Working with Google Ads has shown me the results achievable when you utilise that powerful advertising platform to get your message in front of the people who are actually looking for you.

What I’ve seen is that when business owners couple their offline marketing efforts with the right online marketing platform, the results can be astounding and transformational.

It’s truly exciting for me to know that what I do helps others succeed at what they do, to thrive.

With Google Ads the results are right there. The financial transformation from Google Ads done right is very satisfying – to see our clients winning in business from the work we do is very exciting.