Most database-driven software packages these days have an Application Programming Interface (API) which means we can make your software and your website communicate with each other. The possibilities are endless and the results are amazing!

We’ve built integrations involving payment gateways, mailing lists, simPRO software, Google Apps and more. We’ve also coded some pretty neat website add-ons such as quote calculators and benefit demonstration calculators.

simPRO Integration and Customisation

We have designed and developed a number of unique website integrations using the simPRO API. If you’re using, or about to convert to simPRO Version 11, you probably already know that there will be more options for integration that with Version 10.

Starting with simple scripts that enable your clients to login to simPRO via your website, to more complex scripts, we have the capability to write scripts to do almost anything you could want.
Here are some examples:

  • Customer logins direct from your website, so your customers can book and monitor jobs in simPRO.
  • Website contact forms that flag enquiries directly to simPRO as new tasks.
    Have your customers pay their bills online, by combining a payment gateway with a form on your website that retrieves invoice totals and credits the payments directly in simPRO.
  • Display your simPRO catalogue items online, and accept payments.
    Mobile apps that provide clients and staff with added functionality.

Or we can do something a little less standard and a little more customised.

We’ve built complete ordering systems that collect customer information and requirements, asses their government rebate eligibility, process their payment directly with the bank, and create a client, a job, an invoice and a payment in simPRO.

Talk to us about what you would like us to do for you to enhance your simPRO.

Email newsletter templates and integrations

Do you use Campaign Monitor, AWeber or MailChimp to send email broadcasts? We can build email templates for these systems to make your newsletters shine.We can also integrate your email broadcasting software with your website, or synchronise your own database with your mailing list.

Accept credit card payments online.

Want to sell goods directly from your site?

If you’re selling goods on your website and want to collect payments via the site, you need a payment gateway. If you haven’t already established a merchant facility with your bank, or if your site is new, there can be lengthy delays in gaining their approval.

An easier method is to use SecurePay which is an Australian payment gateway provider. For a small annual fee plus a small transaction fee, SecurePay collects and processes the credit card payment and transfers it directly to your bank account.

Maybe you want something simple; maybe you want something more unique?

Call us on 1300 884 757 to discuss it or complete the contact form today and we’ll call you.