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“We need more traffic, more sales leads” is a very common catch-cry from all levels of business.

Yet in many cases this isn’t the real problem.

The real challenge in most businesses isn’t leads, it’s converting them. And the prime reason for that is your marketing message and sales process aren’t in sync with your customers’ needs. The result is that you just don’t convert as many as you would if they were.

You may be a sales person, a sales manager, be in professional practice or be a senior executive or entrepreneur looking for one or more of these outcomes

  • You want to make your business look better
  • You want to attract more customers and show your current customers that you’re progressing and not stuck in the mud
  • You want to reduce the need for cold calling
  • You want to be more competitive
  • You want better results
  • And you want more options. More money in your pocket, choice, less time worrying and more time doing, and to treat the family.
    After all, that’s why you got into business in the first place wasn’t it?

If what you’re after is on this list, let’s talk… call my office on 1300 884 757 and for an obligation-free 45 minute discussion about your biggest marketing challenge, or about improving the effectiveness of your marketing messages on the web and in print.

Why you should call me

For over 35 years I’ve been synchronising marketing messages and sales processes with massive results. For 20 years I topped the sales charts in every company I worked for, and in sales management, my teams produced top results; consistently over budget. For 15 years in consulting my clients have seen huge growth, some as much as 400% in 12 months.

Some have been rescued from almost certain closure to outstanding success, many have become multi-million dollar businesses, one that I worked with from inception has recently been valued at over $20 million.

Our client list includes: electricians, plumbers, finance companies, church groups, online retailers, mortgage brokers, life and business coaches, graphic designers, catering companies, home improvement specialists, contract cleaners, software developers, accountants and IT support and more

The net result is that people are attracted to you like bees to the honey pot, they talk about you, make enquiries and are stimulated to buy; all of which has a massive flow-on effect for your business. You become more productive, more enthusiastic and happier as you now have more choices and more time to do the things you really want to do.

The increased profits mean you can hire more staff, giving you increased free time to spend with the family, fishing, golfing, going motor racing, going to the footy, travelling or simply being lazy for once. All those things you dreamed about when you first went into business can finally be yours.

We’re talking about creating systems that invigorate your business.

Mediaglue’s marketing services give you leverage with an outstanding suite of marketing strategy, copywriting and online advertising all focused on getting you a better result. 

Refreshing your marketing is like giving your business a new coat of paint. It invigorates everyone, it creates enthusiasm and makes people who may not have noticed you to sit up and pay attention to your message.

Talk with us today on 1300 884 757 or drop us a line via the Contact form.